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Offers to investors

1. Production of construction materials and other industrial products made of tripoli

The deposit volume of carbonate tripoli is more than 30 million tons. The deposit area is 500ha. 

The pit is located 7 km far from the town Hotimsk and 45 km from the nearest railway station Kommunary.

Tripoli (polymineral) which has unique natural resources was formed more than 40 million years ago. The depth of occurrence is 3.5 meters.

Dry tripoli is very light powder, very good natural sorbate. Large deposits were found in such countries as South Afrika, the USA, Russia and these deposits are known all over the world. The tripoli of the Mogilev region of the Republic of Belarus is different from all known analogues because it contains sizable substance of calcite and as a result it is very often called carbonate.

The deposit of natural tripoli “Stalnoe” which is located in Hotimsk district, Mogilev region is ready for industrial mastering and is the biggest and exclusive deposit  in the Reoublic of Belarus.   

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