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Social sphere

There are 23 educational establishments in the region: eight general schools, two educational complexes of the kindergarten-school type, nine pre-school establishments, two out-of-school institutions, a social pedagogic centre and a development education centre.

The Khotimsk region is proud of culture and artistic people. Among them are playwright Yakov Braytsev, poets Alexey Zaritsky, Pyotr Prokhodko, Mikhail Karpenko and Ivan Romanenko.
There are six amateur groups with the Peoples title. Music groups and singers have won prizes at popular festivals and regional, national and international contests such Friendship Wreath, Belarus My Song, Constellation of Talents, Constellation of Hopes, The Golden Bee, Golden Hit.

Sport institutions of the region seek to popularise healthy lifestyle, to organize free time, to encourage the population to partake in sport activities.