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Tourism department of the Khotimsk district sports club:

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday, 8.00 17.00

Department chief:

Natalia Ragovskaya, phone 8 -02247- 33- 4- 29, fax 8 -02247- 33- 4-29.

Leonid Kolos

Tourism routes available (as of 1 December 2011):

* two green tourist routes Natural monuments of Khotimsk District:
Khotimsk - Yuzefovka (Holy Lake) Bokhany (Birchwood) Khotimsk;
Khotimsk Bokhany (Birchwood) Yenapolie (Limes wood) Berezki (Holy Well) Khotimsk.

*  Two patriotic routes:
Military glory: Khotimsk Gornya (a monument to the heroes of the 112th regiment of the 21st mountain-cavalry division of the 13th Army) Khotimsk;
Frontline streets (a guided tour around Khotimsk): A monument to Nazi victims a monument to the Medvedev partisan group a mass grave in the park a memorial sign in honor of the 50th Army an obelisk to Nazi victims.

Tourist attractions:

St. Trinity Cathedral, Khotimsk
Holy Protection Church, Khotimsk
Peter and Paul Church, Yelnya village
St. Nicholas Church, Trostino village
House of Crafts
History and Local Lore Museum
Monument to Nazi victims
Mass grave in the park
Monument to the Medvedev partisan group
Holy Well (Berezki village)
Holy Lake (Yuzefovka village), etc.

Promo leaflets were printed to promote tourism in the district:
Khotimsk District during the Great Patriotic War. Monuments and Obelisks,
Churches are the pride of my land.

Agro-tourism is gaining ground in the district. Khotimsk District has registered eleven agro-tourism facilities.

Operating agro-tourism facility:

*Kuzmenkovs Farmstead,
Mikhail Kuzmenkov,
Besedovichi rural council,
New Life village, phone 8-029-325-91-15;
Registration date: 7 April 2009, Individual entrepreneur 700651879;
The farmstead offers a variety of outdoor activities, including picking up berries and mushrooms, hunting and fishing.

In January-November 2011 the district provided an estimated Br43.622 million worth of tourism and excursion services, up by 16% over the same period in 2010 (Br36.197 million).