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Dear friends!

 We are glad you have visited the web-site of the Khotimsk Regional Executive Committee. Khotimsk is a unique region with birch woods, serene pine forests, cold fir woods and the Besed River which has been glorified by poets. From here, the thoughtful Besed, the Belarusian land spreads eastward. They used to say in the past that nightingales sang for three gubernias…

In the north and north-east the region borders on the Ershichi region of the Smolensk oblast, in the east – on the Kletnya region and in the south – Surazh region of the Bryansk oblast of the Russian Federation. In the west and south-west it borders on the Kostiukovichi region, in the west – Klimovichi region of the Mogilev oblast.

Many significant events have taken place in the history of the Khotimsk region. This is the epoch of revolutionary reforms, hard prewar years, defence of the Fatherland from the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War, restoration of the destroyed economy after the war.

Today the heroism of the past blends with the patriotism of the present. Owing to the creative labour of the locals, the Khotimsk region has been growing stronger. Being an agricultural economy, the region focuses on meat and dairy production, grain and forage crops, flax growing. The region keeps pace with the modern-day tendencies growing more beautiful. I am sure the region will keep advancing, making new friends and finding reliable business partners.

Sergei Demidenko, chairman of the Khotimsk Regional Executive Committee